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Receiving direct orders from AnyFactory ensures unit price is maintained, and orders are concisely summarized and delivered to you. All you need to do is to simply register your factory information.

AnyFactory works with manufacturers across various industries









Why Choose AnyFactory?

Optimal and clear matching of production requests

Simply register your specifications and what your factory can produce into AnyFactory, and we'll match the right client or business to you. In addition, order specifications are already covered by our ordering system, minimizing the need for back-and-forth communications.

Showcase customer trust and your achievements

With AnyFactory, actual production results and reviews from clients can be easily showcased to potential buyers, and it is easy to be upfront not only around pricing, but also your commitment to quality. AnyFactory enables you to showcase your capabilities to buyers globally.

Access a global source of orders for your production capabilities

With a local presence across 17 offices in 13 markets in Asia, we match the needs of customers not just in a single country or market, but across the region and the world. AnyFactory is compatible with various languages, ensuring that language is no longer a barrier in manufacturing.

We're working with individuals and businesses across many industries.
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Our Platform

AnyFactory Platform

All you need is to input your manufacturer details into AnyFactory, we'll deliver orders based on your specifications.

AnyFactory is a platform that matches qualities and areas of expertise of each supplier, with product design and specifications of orders. Simply input your information and we'll be able to reduce the man-hours between customers and suppliers as much as possible.

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