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A cloud manufacturing platform that enables the creation of products from all over the world.

What is AnyFactory?

AnyFactory is a manufacturing platform that enables scalable product creation through the cloud. Connected with over 200 manufacturers across Asia, AnyFactory enables users to easily ideate and create.


Factory database

Find the best manufacturer for you from around the world

  • Extensive database

    Access an ever-growing database of hundreds of manufacturers across Asia.

  • Wide and diverse categories

    Tap on a wide range of manufacturers from apparel and cosmetics, to sporting goods, niche products and more.

  • Easy comparison

    Easily compare and select manufacturers based on information and production conditions like price and quality.

  • Local teams across the region

    We have local teams situated across the region to onboard factories and maintain close communication with them, enabling flexible and quick responses.

Project management

Manage all your projects through one platform

  • Progress management by item

    Easily track progress of projects and items including sample creation, confirmation, revision requests and production.

  • Centralized file management

    Easily manage specifications and designs by project or item - no more buried or lost information.

  • Quick quotation requests

    Request quotations from manufacturers through AnyFactory and get responses quickly.

  • Past performance management

    Project details, results and data is automatically stored, enabling continuity even when a project changes hands.

Custom design

Easily design and create your own original items

  • A catalog of over 150 items

    Easily access a library of over 150 items and design on items including t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers and more.

  • Easy-to-use interface

    Simply upload logos, images and text to view the finished image - create high quality items with just a few clicks.

  • High-quality items

    Each item and material is checked by our staff by hand, and items that meet our own high standards are selected.

  • Small lot production

    No more worries about inventory risk - you can now produce small orders for a wide variety of items.

Shopify integration

The AnyFactory app is on the Shopify app store

  • Accessible through Shopify

    AnyFactory's full features are available through Shopify, including progress mangement, ordering and catalog.

  • Free to use

    The AnyFactory app is free to use - search for AnyFactory in the Shopify app store, install it and give it a try!

  • Consult with a dedicated specialist

    In addition to advising on manufacturing base, we can provide other support for specification and lot adjustments, diversification of production and logistics support.

For Brands

AnyFactory will match you with the best manufacturers for each of your products. In addition, our dedicated consultants will handle order requests and manage communications with suppliers.

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For Factories

We match product orders and projects based on information that you have input into AnyFactory in advance. You will be able to access new orders based on your strengths and specifications.

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