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AnyFactory is a new breed of cloud manufacturing platforms.
Through the internet, it is possible for you to find the best manufacturer in the world for your product requirements.

What is AnyFactory?

AnyFactory is a cloud manufacturing platform that enables you to find the best suppliers and easily order the products that you want to create. We work with more than 200 production plants in Asia, matching the most suitable factory to the product you want to create.

Average cost savings of 15%

Finding the best available supplier for your product in Asia means you'll be able to save costs by an average of 15%.

Vast network

Search from over 200 suppliers in Asia, with each supplier having their own unique strengths. You can find the best factory in terms of quality, ensuring products manufactured meet your expectations.

One-stop solution for D2C

Tap on additional end-to-end support - from supplier sourcing to building your e-commerce capabilities, sales, data analytics, marketing and logistics.

Professional support

Apart from our local dedicated consultants, you'll also have the option to leverage on product designers and marketing specialists.

Product Categories









For Brands

AnyFactory will match you with the best manufacturers for each of your products. In addition, our dedicated consultants will handle order requests and manage communications with suppliers.

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For Factories

We match product orders and projects based on information that you have input into AnyFactory in advance. You will be able to access new orders based on your strengths and specifications.

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